Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions we receive about the service:

  1. How old do I need to be to access this service? We can support anyone from their 16th birthday up until the day of their 26th birthday.
  2. Do I get to choose my support worker? Support workers are matched in accordance with a variety of factors, however if you have a valid reason why you would need a specific support worker then please discuss this in your assessment.
  3. What happens if I need to raise a complaint? Your first point of contact should be your support worker, however if you feel you cannot do this then please refer to our Complaints Policy.
  4. Will you tell my parent/guardian I am accessing this service? As with any support service we respect the confidentiality of our young people, however if you are under 18 and a situation or disclosure arises that puts yourself or someone else in danger then we may need to contact your named trusted adult. If this was to occur we would always endeavour to have your consent beforehand.
  5. Where would I see my support worker? We can hold sessions at either our Keystone Building or the William Knibb Centre, both in Kettering. We can also offer sessions in the community at a mutually agreed location for you, such as at your college or local library.
  6. How long can I access the service for? There is no limit on how many sessions we can provide, however it is a goal-based service so once these have been met, it may be a natural conclusion.
  7. Are there any limits on the times I can contact or see my support worker? We do have ‘office hours’, as with any service, however we are also flexible and may be able to offer times outside of these. This can be discussed with your support worker.
  8. If I disengage with the service can I re-engage at a later time? Yes, if you feel like you need our support after leaving the service, providing you still meet the criteria, you can re-engage with us.
  9. How is the data you collect about me used and stored? Please refer to our Privacy Notice for full information regarding this.
  10. Is this a counselling service? No, this service is additional support to help you navigate accessing services and assisting with other life difficulties. It is not designed to, nor should it, replace any counselling, therapy or other treatments which you are having.