Drop-in support and sexual health service

Drop-in support – Espresso Yourself!

A new mental health service for 11-18 year olds in Northamptonshire

If you find yourself in need of support then we offer a drop in service where you can get support and advice as well as someone to talk to.

Poster explaining services available

Mondays and Fridays – 4pm – 8pm

The Lowdown at 3 Kingswell Street, Northampton NN1 1PP

01604 634385

Tuesdays – 4pm – 8pm

Youth Works at Corby Mind, 17 Argyll Street, Corby NN17 1RU

07479 973085

Thursdays – 4pm – 8pm

Youth Works at Keystone, 97 Rockingham Road, Kettering NN16 9HX

01536 518339

Sexual Health Advice Kettering Corby

Youth Works’ drop-in service is an informal, friendly, ‘one stop shop’ for young people aged 14 and above to access a range of confidential services, including:

  • Information – including printed leaflets and documents that you can take away with you
  • Advocacy – to help you make your voice heard
  • Guidance and support – provided by trained staff and volunteers
  • Sexual health services, including:
  • Free condoms
  • Chlamydia screening
  • Pregnancy testing

You can visit alone or bring a friend for support.

How to book

There is no need to make an appointment.

Opening times

​​ Corby ​Kettering
​Address Corby Mind
18 Argyll Street
NN17 1RU
​​Keystone Centre
97 Rockingham Road
NN16 9HX
Opening time Tuesdays
​5pm to 7pm
5pm to 7pm

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

01536 518339 Monday – Friday 9.00am – 6.00pm

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Bespoke support programmes

Tailor-made programmes available for schools and other agencies, to support young people through a range of issues.

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