Happier Families

Being part of a loving family is important, whether parents, carers or children. All families have their issues and challenges, drawing from the growing body of research from positive psychology and the science of wellbeing, there are tips, skills, and tools we can use to take practical actions that can help increase how happy we all feel and that can help us function better individually and together.

The Happier Families programme aims to support families to learn about and try out these tips, skills, and tools to boost the wellbeing of individual members and the family as a whole, to improve the quality of the time they spend together. It’s aims are to provide a toolkit to help

  • Explore ways to build their own and others’ happiness
  • Learn tips to try when struggling
  • Build happier relationships
  • Enjoy family time together more

It’s important to note that this programme is NOT a therapeutic intervention. Nor is it designed to directly address behavioural, mental ill-health or relationship issues. If you would like further info please contact sclarke@youthworksnorthamptonshire.org.uk

If you would like to take part please complete the referral form HERE.

Please note: referrals for after school sessions are in high demand therefore, please expect to be placed on our waiting list.